Veterans, Defense & Foreign Affairs

Marcy was the first woman to serve on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. She uses her experience and seniority to secure vital federal investments for Ohio, focusing on jobs, economic growth, infrastructure and support for veterans and our military.

Marcy has been honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with their coveted Americanism Award. She is also the only woman ever to receive the American Prisoner of War “Barbed Wire” Award for her commitment to veterans.

Middle East Diplomacy

Demonstrating her support for Middle East diplomacy, Marcy organized efforts to monetize surplus agricultural commodities to support the peace process in Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority. She remains dedicated to democratic institution-building throughout the world and has spearheaded private charitable efforts for people of developing nations from Ukraine to Vietnam.

Veterans Support

Marcy has always championed the cause of America’s veterans. She has secured funding for a new regional VA health care facility in Toledo, improvements to veterans facilities in Erie and Lorain Counties, as well as a work at Case Western Reserve University to address the mental health challenges that often afflict our warriors returning from combat.

Marcy is a champion for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes Heartland in Congress.

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