Marcy Kaptur: Impeachment “is not enough for me”, calls for full Congressional Inquiry into 2016 election interference

In light of Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report on President Trump’s obstruction of justice in the investigation of Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is calling for a full congressional inquiry into President Trump and his associates who may have colluded with Russian oligarchs and government officials and intermediaries.

When asked about impeachment of the president, Congresswoman Kaptur said “That is not enough for me. I’m very interested in apprehending all of the criminals that have been part of the Russian hacking enterprise, which was such a major part of our elections in 2016. And the president isn’t sufficient. We have to have much more inquiry by the congressional committees of jurisdiction to identify all of the associates of Paul Manafort. He’s in prison now.”

Manafort served as President Trump’s campaign chair on a pro bono basis despite being heavily in debt to Russian and Ukrainian nationals.

“We have to have much more exhaustive hearings. We have to get information that is not currently in the hands of Congress. So the President isn’t enough for me. It is the entire network of looters and criminals who don’t have an ounce of love for liberty,” Congresswoman Kaptur said.

Congresswoman Kaptur denounced the lack of information provided to Congress, despite court rulings pushing for disclosure.

“They are not sharing information. Information that we need. Information that’s being denied to the American people. Impeachment is sort of like the cherry on the sundae, but I’m interested in the full sundae. We have to protect this country. My first job is to protect and defend the people of the United States, and the constitution that is the fundamental basis of our liberties. I’m glad people are thinking about impeachment, but there’s a whole network that has to be brought down. That’s what I’m after.”

Marcy is a champion for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes Heartland in Congress.

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