Jobs & the Economy

Marcy’s top priority in Congress is strengthening the economy and creating jobs for everyone. She believes Congress should work together to boost manufacturing, health care, infrastructure, and clean energy — all with the goal of creating good paying jobs.

Strengthen America

Marcy is a champion for working people in Congress. She supports bolstering the minimum wage, requiring guaranteed paid and sick leave and measures to strengthen American manufacturing, like stronger Buy American provisions to ensure we are doing all we can to support American manufacturing.

Strengthen our Jobs

Amidst the economic crisis In 2008, Marcy was one of the first lawmakers to support congressional action to save our automobile industry, which accounts for one in eight jobs in Ohio.

Fair Playing Field

Bad trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have created an unfair playing field for American workers and businesses. Marcy is a leader in the fight against so-called "free trade" agreements that have shipped American jobs overseas. From the beginning of her service she has led the fight in the House against NAFTA and later against legislation to grant China most favored nation trading status. She has introduced legislation to renegotiate unbalanced trade agreements to reflect the principle of fair trade that respects workers rights and protects the environment. Marcy has also been a leader in the House, fighting for action on China's illegal dumping of steel, which is harming steel towns in Northern Ohio and throughout our Nation.

Marcy is a champion for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes Heartland in Congress.

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