Help Marcy Kaptur fight for Ohioans with pre-existing health conditions.

The Affordable Care Act has been a life-saving force for good in American life. 30 million Americans have become insured thanks to the law, and Ohioans can no longer be discriminated against because of pre-existing health conditions. No one believes that the fight for universal, quality, affordable health insurance is over, but the ACA has been successful even in the face of constant partisan attacks from the Republican Party.

Well, President Trump is at it again. His Justice Department has announced that they will no longer defend the law from legal challenges from extreme Republican politicians.

Marcy Kaptur believes that we should be looking for ways to expand access to healthcare instead of appealing to un-elected judges to take it away from people. This isn’t the first time President Trump has tried to sweep the rug out on hard-working Ohioans, and it won’t be the last.

We need your help. Here are two things you can do to protect people with pre-existing conditions:

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Marcy is a champion for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes Heartland in Congress.

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