Great Lakes

Marcy uses her experience and seniority in Congress and on the Appropriations Committee to move forward our shared challenge to preserve and protect the Great Lakes, one of America’s most important natural resources. Marcy is the Co-Chair of the House Great Lakes Task Force, where she brings Republicans and Democrats together to defend vital programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and other conservation efforts that invest in Lake Erie.

Preserve and Protect

Marcy is a leader in the federal response to the threat of Asian Carp and other invasive species in our Great Lakes. She has led the charge to invest in research and action that brings about a better understanding of the cause and impact of harmful algal blooms on our freshwater resources.

Marcy is committed to helping our Great Lakes continue to drive the economy across our heartland. Tourism, as well as recreational and commercial fishing, bring in billions to Ohio’s economy and the Lake supports more than 120,000 jobs across Northern Ohio. (source)

Marcy is a champion for Northern Ohio and the Great Lakes Heartland in Congress.

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