Marcy Kaptur: Impeachment “is not enough for me”, calls for full Congressional Inquiry into 2016 election interference

In light of Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s report on President Trump’s obstruction of justice in the investigation of Russia’s interference in our 2016 presidential election, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is calling for a full congressional inquiry into President Trump and his associates who may have colluded with Russian oligarchs and government officials and intermediaries.

When asked about impeachment of the president, Congresswoman Kaptur said “That is not enough for me. I’m very interested in apprehending all of the criminals that have been part of the Russian hacking enterprise, which was such a major part of our elections in 2016. And the president isn’t sufficient. We have to have much more inquiry by the congressional committees of jurisdiction to identify all of the associates of Paul Manafort. He’s in prison now.”

Manafort served as President Trump’s campaign chair on a pro bono basis despite being heavily in debt to Russian and Ukrainian nationals.

“We have to have much more exhaustive hearings. We have to get information that is not currently in the hands of Congress. So the President isn’t enough for me. It is the entire network of looters and criminals who don’t have an ounce of love for liberty,” Congresswoman Kaptur said.

Congresswoman Kaptur denounced the lack of information provided to Congress, despite court rulings pushing for disclosure.

“They are not sharing information. Information that we need. Information that’s being denied to the American people. Impeachment is sort of like the cherry on the sundae, but I’m interested in the full sundae. We have to protect this country. My first job is to protect and defend the people of the United States, and the constitution that is the fundamental basis of our liberties. I’m glad people are thinking about impeachment, but there’s a whole network that has to be brought down. That’s what I’m after.”

Marcy Kaptur warns that new NAFTA will give Big Pharma monopoly power, lock in high prescription drug costs

Marcy Kaptur has long been a forceful critic of the North American Free Trade Agreement because of unfair policies that have hurt American workers. President Trump campaigned on the issue, promising to be an advocate for fair trade. Two years, disastrous trade wars, and a renegotiated NAFTA 2.0 deal later, we now know that he has broken those promises. 

President Trump’s USMCA would grant Big Pharma companies a 10-year monopoly over a class of drug known as biologics, medicines which are made from living cells. Biologics are some of the most expensive drugs today, with prices ranging from $20,000 to $850,000 per drug patient. These are drugs used by chronically ill patients, including those battling cancer. Once locked in, the international trade agreement would leave congress unable to change these terrible policies, leaving patients on the hook to pay even more for these life-saving drugs.

As Congresswoman Kaptur warns, “Two-thirds of drugs prescribed under Medicare Part B are biologics. The extension of Big Pharma’s power under NAFTA 2.0 will delay the market entry of generic and biosimilar drugs into the market, creating a minimum 10-year monopoly for Big Pharma.” 

Congresswoman Kaptur urges the Trump Administration to reopen the negotiations to avoid another windfall for the big pharmaceutical companies.

House passes Kaptur bill to Cultivate Veterans Health Professionals

Earlier this month the United States House of Representatives passed Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s bill, the Veterans’-Specific Education for Tomorrow’s Health Professionals Act of 2019, to address a shortage of medical staff caring for our veterans. 

The shortage of Veterans Health Administration physicians and medical professionals has been a major problem for medical centers across the country, and no one deserves adequate treatment and medical care more than Americans who have selflessly served our nation. This bill would direct the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) to create a three year pilot program in at least five VA medical centers for pre-med students to gain clinical observation experience, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the specific needs and experiences of working with veterans.

Congresswoman Kaptur worked to pass this bill in bipartisan fashion. The Dean of Ohio’s congressional delegation said “This legislation is a win-win. I thank our veterans’ service organizations, including the American Legion and Paralyzed Veterans of America, for supporting this legislation and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to advance this Act to the President’s desk without delay.” 

Help Marcy Kaptur fight for Ohioans with pre-existing health conditions.

The Affordable Care Act has been a life-saving force for good in American life. 30 million Americans have become insured thanks to the law, and Ohioans can no longer be discriminated against because of pre-existing health conditions. No one believes that the fight for universal, quality, affordable health insurance is over, but the ACA has been successful even in the face of constant partisan attacks from the Republican Party.

Well, President Trump is at it again. His Justice Department has announced that they will no longer defend the law from legal challenges from extreme Republican politicians.

Marcy Kaptur believes that we should be looking for ways to expand access to healthcare instead of appealing to un-elected judges to take it away from people. This isn’t the first time President Trump has tried to sweep the rug out on hard-working Ohioans, and it won’t be the last.

We need your help. Here are two things you can do to protect people with pre-existing conditions:

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Help Danny O’Connor flip Ohio’s 12th Congressional District from red to blue

There is a special election happening on August 7th right here in the Buckeye State. Danny O’Connor is running in Ohio’s 12th District and the race is too close to call. We are so close to flipping this district from red to blue.

We need your help. Here are three things you can do to help Danny win on Aug. 7:

  1. Do you live in Ohio’s 12th District or nearby? Check out local grassroots events where you can help get out the vote for Danny! TAKE ACTION HERE >>>
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Thank you for helping us return the People’s House back to the American people!

-Team Kaptur

Kaptur statement on primary election victory

Toledo, Ohio — Today, U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH-09) released the following statement in regards to her primary election victory:

“I am grateful to the thousands of citizens who voted today in Ohio’s important primary election and am honored to have received the Democratic nomination to stand for re-election this November,” said Kaptur. “Now we will redouble our efforts to share a Democratic vision for job and retirement security, pensions that can’t be taken away, an accessible and affordable health care system, safe schools for our children and a restored Great Lakes ecosystem. Ohioans can rest assured I will not stop fighting for our cause and our shared challenges across America’s North Coast.”