Jobs & the Economy

Marcy’s top priority in Congress is strengthening the economy and creating jobs for everyone. She believes Congress should work together to boost manufacturing, health care, infrastructure, and clean energy — all with the goal of creating good paying jobs.

Great Lakes

Marcy uses her experience and seniority in Congress and on the Appropriations Committee to move forward our shared challenge to preserve and protect the Great Lakes, one of America’s most important natural resources. Marcy is the Co-Chair of the House Great Lakes Task Force, where she brings Republicans and Democrats together to defend vital programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and other conservation efforts that invest in Lake Erie.

Energy & Infrastructure

Marcy helped forge the public-private partnerships that are building a vibrant alternative energy sector in northern Ohio. She secured the federal funding to build the largest solar field in Ohio at the 180th Fighter Wing base in Toledo, alternative energy enhancements at the Camp Perry National Guard base in Ottawa County, an energy cooperative in Lorain County, a wind power pilot project in Cuyahoga County, and a solar field to power the central pylon for the Veterans Glass City Skyway bridge over the Maumee River.

That span, which represents the largest bridge project in Ohio history, is testament to Marcy Kaptur’s commitment to infrastructure improvements and the jobs they help create.

Building the WWII Memorial

Marcy is the author of legislation that created the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. A true believer that the best ideas come from her constituents, Marcy was spurred to action by an idea from a rural mail carrier who approached her at a local fish fry. His question prompted her to introduce legislation to build a World War II Memorial.

Veterans, Defense & Foreign Affairs

Marcy was the first woman to serve on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. She uses her experience and seniority to secure vital federal investments for Ohio, focusing on jobs, economic growth, infrastructure and support for veterans and our military.

Marcy has been honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars with their coveted Americanism Award. She is also the only woman ever to receive the American Prisoner of War “Barbed Wire” Award for her commitment to veterans.

Campaign Finance

Marcy has long supported overturning Citizens United, and has been a champion for decades of getting big money out of politics. She supports the highest standards of transparency and accountability to ensure Washington lobbyists and special interest groups don’t outweigh the voices of the people.

Wall Street

An outspoken critic of the reckless policies of Wall Street banks that led to a near economic meltdown, Marcy is a leader in Congress to break up the big banks and restore prudent banking to our financial system. Her bill the the Return to Prudent Banking Act, has bipartisan support and will restore Glass-Steagall protections.

Additionally, Marcy is leading the charge to hold megabanks accountable the abuse consumers, with the Megabanks Accountability Act.

Urban Agriculture & Nutrition

Marcy Kaptur authored the first energy title in a U.S. farm bill and pioneered the Senior Farmers Market Coupon program, which provides eligible seniors with coupons for fresh fruit, vegetables and foodstuff.

She is also an ardent advocate of community gardening and urban agriculture.