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The American people have always met the great challenges.   I will continue working to build an America that is strong at home and respected abroad.

Four Steps to a Better America

  1. Attract good paying jobs and pursue pro-growth policies to make America competitive in the global economy.
  2. Revitalize our communities by reversing the denigration of our culture and values. We must upgrade historic and downtown neighborhoods and support local agriculture and rural life. 
  3. Create a clean and safe environment and preserve our natural wonders for future generations.
  4. Demand an open, efficient and fair government that tells the truth to our citizens.
Strong and Respected America

We must support our troops by giving them the the finest training and equipment--and keep our promises of health care and education to America's veterans.

We must end our dependence on foreign oil--not just talk about it--and put Americans back to work making clean and renewable energy.

We must ensure all workers benefit from basic labor and environmental standards--I believe in fair trade, not unfair agreements like NAFTA.

We must protect our citizens by supporting local police, firefighters and first responders.

We must reduce the threat of nuclear weapons, working together with our friends in the international community.

Strong and Healthy Families

Education is the cornerstone of America‚Äôs future. By investing in high quality teachers, smaller class sizes and modern school buildings, we can make America the world leader in education. 

Families deserve a living wage.  By raising the minimum wage and improving our competitiveness, no working family in America should have to live in poverty.

Health care should be a right.  By reforming health care so that it serves people instead of special interests, every American can have access to affordable, high-quality health care.

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